Homosexuality Is Not A Disease Or A Mental Illness

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Homosexuality Is Not A Disease Or A Mental Illness


It is important for YOU to know that one of my best friends

is gay. I love him like a brother. He has a Masters of

Divinity from a prestigious private college. He has made

me laugh. He has made me smile. He has heard my cries.

He has shown me kindness and compassion above any other.

He has traveled with me on many adventures that I wish to

share, and some adventures that I care not to share.

Wherever we were, wherever my curiosity took me,

whatever thought came to my mind, whatever inspired me-

Michael went with me. And, sometimes he should have

stayed home. But, like a true friend, he joined me.

And, we traveled together, Michael and me.

You can’t take that from me.

My concern for my friend, for my brother, transcends the

logic of this society. How can you love some one who is

gay? How can you love some one who isn’t normal? How

can you love some one like that? Well- here it goes:

You are asking me to condemn some one who has never

hit me, never swore at me, never beat me, never threatened

me. You are asking me to condemn some one who has

never betrayed me, never humiliated me, never stole from

me, never raped me. You are asking me to condemn some

one who has never threatened to take my life, never called

me a bitch or a whore or ‘white trash’. You are asking me

to condemn a person that has shown me unconditional love

and unconditional acceptance. Though we are miles apart,

he is always on my mind. When I could not find him, I

prayed for him. When I could not see him in person, I

called him on the phone. When he would not respond to

me, I threatened to publish pictures from our camping trips.

Like a brother, my thoughts are with him; my thoughts go

with him; my prayers for him are never ending. And-

you ask that I not bring up his name, his marriage partner’s

name. You ask that I denounce homosexuality. You tell

me that I am a sinner because I love and accept my brother.

I will not. Amen. I love you, Michael and Chad!

Sandy S. Zoo


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Desmond Tutu får homopris


Erkebiskop og tidligere fredsprisvinner, Desmond Tutu, mottar 8. april en prestisjefull homopris. Dette får han for sitt arbeid for skeive menneskers rettigheter.

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Jeg synes dette er en fantastisk nyhet og en velfortjent pris for Desmond Tutu som er en av mine store helter her i verden. Han er min helt ikke bare fordi han har fordømt forfølgelse av homofile men for at han fordømmer forfølgelse.


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